Finswim Expedition Revival

September 2021

Good News Story – Finswim Expedition Revival.


Friday 17 September 2021

From: Finswim Expedition 2020-2021 (Charity event)
The Finswim Expedition started out from Carrickfin Blue Flag beach on the North West Donegal Coast on 17th September 2020. Anrí Ó Domhnaill (Henry O Donnell)  was aiming to attempt a finswim and circumnavigation of the entire coast of Ireland with support from his expedition team. He also aimed to raise €100k for two worthy charities, the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and Water Safety Ireland (WSI).

They reached the halfway point off the Waterford coast earlier this year raising €43K for the charities but unfortunately, the event was seriously disrupted and suspended due to the Covid pandemic. Anrí continued training and planning amid the uncertainty generated by the covid situation in the hope that the event could resume.

Expedition Revival – after a lot of hard work, serious planning by anrí and effort from the expedition team and support from the local community in Bunmahon, Dungarvan, and other Waterford coastal areas, finswim is back on course in an attempt to complete the south coast and then the west coast northbound along the wild Atlantic way towards Donegal. The expedition vessel and crew from Tory Island provided support and essential safety cover for Anrí from Donegal around the coast to the halfway point. This vessel, Tor Dearg – Tory Fast Ferry, and crew are providing passengers and other services for Tory Island and is not available to the expedition at this time. Anrí described their contribution to the event as professional, dedicated, and extraordinary adding that ” Skipper Willie Duggan, Padraig, and Brendan along with other team members played a vital role in the success of the event so far. “

In order to revive the expedition, it was necessary to change plans and engage with coastal communities for support in terms of a safety boat cover, logistics, and operational input. Anrí was in Bunmahon and Dungarvan last week preparing and planning for the revival. They completed safety drills, tracker testing, communications checks and succeeded in progressing around 17 miles along the finswim route over a two-day and trial session. It was successful with help from Blackwater ECO Tours, Villierstown, Skipper Eugene Burke, Vincent Mernin, and Peter Burke. Thanks to the local Irish Coast Guard crew Brian Flemming and Billy Crowly who assisted with safety information and important coastal contacts.

Other key members of the expedition are working very hard day and night to help revive the project – they include website designer and manager Oisín McLaughlin, photographer/cameraman Rory O Donnell, Karolina Szpunar sports therapist, Sarah Doherty IT / SM and many others.  Anrí wishes to thank his team and the local community in Waterford adding that :

“They are at the very Heart of the Finswim Expedition Revival and are truly exceptional people”. We wish to put a shout-out for additional support in an attempt to complete the south coast phase. Type of assistance required from Ballycotton towards Cork harbor entrance and southwestwards along the coast includes boat cover, food, accommodation, financial support to run the expedition, and some basic logistics support. Contact can be made through our website and contact details are below.

We hope to reach our target of 100k for our two worthy charities who do such amazing work to help people in need throughout the country. The general plan now is to continue with the expedition last week in September along the south coast from Ardmore / Youghal area towards Ballycotton and onwards towards Valentia in the coming months.                     Expedition contact number 00 353 86 8638511