Finswim2020 Expedition is cancelled


Tuesday 30 March 2021

From: Finswim Expedition 2020-2021 (Charity event)

This is to announce that Finswim2020 Expedition is cancelled due to the on-going Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Expedition was already suspended in early February because of the covid19 situation. It was hoped that matters would improve within a reasonable timeframe. Expedition Leader Henry O Donnell (Anraí Ó Domhnaill) concluded that ongoing Covid 19 levels are still too high for the charity event to operate safely. He said: “compliance with Government covid restrictions and safety of the expedition crew was always the number one priority. The unforeseen covid situation and recent pandemic developments caused serious disruption and additional logistics challenges to the extent that cancellation was necessary.” Other Expeditions and sports events locally and around the world were cancelled due to covid19 also. Finswim started in Carrickfinn, Donegal on 17 September 2020. The aim was to attempt a finswim around the coast of Ireland for charity. Henry added:  “I am delighted that we succeeded in reaching the halfway point on 28 January 2021, off the south coast of Ireland with the extraordinary support and outstanding effort from my volunteer expedition vessel crew and land operations team”. More than €43,000.00 was raised by the expedition through online donations from the public. Water Safety Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society will benefit equally from funds raised. Henry added: “We are so proud of both Charities and the excellent work they do to help others in our communities and nationwide”. Sincere thanks to everyone who donated and to all who helped in any way.  

Statement from Water Safety Ireland 

“Water Safety Ireland wish to congratulate Henry and his team for the progress they made in getting to the half way stage of this expedition under very challenging COVID-19, weather and sea state conditions, when other expeditions worldwide had been cancelled. We wish to thank him and his brilliant team for all their work, we are very grateful to Henry, his team and the generous members of the public who have made donations to allow us promote water safety and reduce drownings on our island nation. Understandably for us all, this decision was not made easily , however,under the circumstances this is the correct decision which we fully support. We wish Henry and his entire expedition team all the best in the future and thank them once again for their extraordinary efforts through the Finswim Expedition”

Statement from Irish Cancer Society:

“The Irish Cancer Society are extremely grateful to Henry and his Finswim Crew for all they achieved during their expedition under very restricted conditions. Although disappointing for all involved, cancelling Finswim 2020 is the right and only decision possible at this point. We wish Henry all the very best for the future and want to say thanks to all who supported the expedition.”                     Expedition contact number 00 353 86 8638511