Benefits of Sponsoring

Can you help the event organisers & crew?
100%  of this sponsorship will be used to:
  • Fuel the vessel,
  • Maintenance & running costs,
  • Food & Accommodation of the volunteer crew.
Any surplus funds from contributions made to help with the cost of the expedition will be donated to the two charities after the end of the event. 

Benefits of Sponsoring Finswim2020

  • Support and Recognition for the Expedition, its mission, aims, objectives and goals.
  • Supporting and recognising the good work of Water Safety Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society.
  • Supporting a Relevant, inspiring, unique, historic and challenging marine projects ever attempted in Irish Coastal Waters or in The Wild Atlantic.
  • Opportunity to reach a new audience and avail of advertising/product placement to a wide and diverse audience across major social media platforms, radio, TV, print media, marine-specific publications and other.
  • Avail of the bi-lingual platform to reach existing and new customers. 
  • Create opportunities for the sales force to build relationships with customers in Ireland and Internationally through brand recognition and operational use for the duration of the event. Photo opportunities with the team and other PR Benefits.
  • Build relationship marketing opportunities on both the local and national level.
  • Develop networking opportunities with marine / other agencies and organisations involved directly / indirectly with the event.
  • Demonstrating and proving the quality and durability and capability of Materials, technology systems, apparatus, equipment, services and devices in challenging marine conditions and adverse weather on the Irish and European Atlantic Frontier during the event.

Important Notes

  • All sponsors will be issued with a letter of Indemnity if required.
  • Sponsorship Receipts outlining the value of sponsorship received will be issued from Finswim administrator.
  • Ownership of any/ all sponsored materials must be transferred to the Finswim expedition unless otherwise agreed.
  • Finswim2020 will comply with Sponsorship Policy and marketing / PR Strategy of sponsors subject to the Authority of / clearance from Finswim office.